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Mr. Obaid Zafar

Mr. Obaid Zafar

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Categories : Apparel ,Apparel,Textiles & Accessories

Business Type : Manufacturer

Business Description : The Idea behind Zegatron is to Brand the product and services of Pakistan that are local and make them available for International Customers by eliminating the hassle and troubles of Communication, Payments receiving/giving, Shipment of Goods, and Trustworthiness (Quality Assurance).

Zegatron is the name invented by us, depicting our dream of achieving the Fraud Free Hi-Tech Future in all ways of life. Even though it is an 8 letter word, it contains a whole world inside it. At Zegatron, we believe in going not just the extra mile…but the extra light year. Zegatron believes in innovating the ways of corporate life.

Going the extra light year involves breaking all the barriers and rising to a limitless space of opportunities. Dreaming of a medium where business is conducted with highest of innovations in a fraud free world. Creating a place where trust and honesty are the Strength of Business Conductors.

With a strong focus on our mission and strong binding with our values, we provide various product and services to our clients all over the world.

At Zegatron we believe in mutual exponential growth. Allowing the whole corporate world to grow at an exponential pace, eventually increasing economic activity in the world for the welfare of society.

This is the way limits shall be broken by the ZeExtra-Ordinary. This is the way of the ZeExtra-Ordinary. This is the Zegatronian way.

Company Location : Mississauga,Ontario,Canada