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Ms. Karen Mo

Ms. Karen Mo

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Categories : Construction & Real Estate,Home, Lights & Construction

Business Type : Manufacturer

Business Description : We kept working on helping our customers for sourcing the best products & price for the building & decorative material. We are a supplier for many DIY markets in Europe & America, like OBI, Hagebau, etc in Europe and Home Dept. in USA.
Products we are dealing with including mosaic, tiles & natural stone products etc., using for indoor and outdoor construction and decoration.
We consist on providing the best service for quality control, new products sourcing and reasonable pricing. We will be your good partner here once given chance.

Company Location : Foshan,Guangdong,China

Ms. Karen Chan

Ms. Karen Chan

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Categories : Home Appliance ,Electronics

Business Type : Manufacturer

Business Description : The manufacture and sale of German treasures originated in the 1970s and worked with German companies to design and develop a diversified home appliance business. The name of German Pool (English name) represents the combination of German traditions, technology and design.

In 1982, German Bao (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was formally established in Hong Kong, and cooperated with German companies to develop the first generation of water storage water heaters, and successfully registered German trademarks in Europe and other places. Germanbao has been leading the water heater market in Hong Kong. It not only provides dozens of water storage water heaters, original German imported instant water heaters, digital gas water heaters, but also a pioneer in the introduction of solar water heating systems from Australia, successfully expanding the German water heater kingdom. territory.

Since the 1990s, German Bao has actively developed a diversified home appliance business. In 2000, German Po opened the first one-stop kitchen cabinet and electrical showroom. Today, German treasure products have nearly 1,000 sales points in Hong Kong, including large electrical chain stores, retail electrical stores and department stores. In addition to sales in the store, German Bao also cooperates with power companies, real estate developers and government projects to expand the scope of business sales.

Company Location : Hong Kong,Hong Kong (SAR),Hong Kong (SAR)