How do I upload product video?

To upload product video, you may find the section when you post or edit a product. You can choose to post picture or video or both.

Why cannot I sign in with my correct password?

If you cannot sign in to your account, here are some suggestions:
1. Please ensure you have entered the correct registered email address and password.
2. As the password is case sensitive, please check if ‘Caps Lock’ on your keyboard is on.
3. Please also make sure you don't enter blank spaces before and after your password.
4. Please change your internet browser. We recommend using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
5. Please delete the cookies in your computer.
6. Please try closing your anti-virus software to see if this solves the problem.

You can also try to retrieve your password to see if a new password can resolve the sign-in issue. 

If you still cannot log in after doing above trouble shootings, please click here to contact with Customer Service Team.

How do I change Business Type?

To change your business type, you can sign into your Company Profile and edit the Business Type.

How can I change company registered address?

You can your registered address in "My profile"

How to change contact information?

You can edit your contact details in "My Profile"

how are the sales and services?

The sale happens between the buyer and supplier, doesn't act as a third party.

What system is required?

Windows xp and above.

How do i get notification?

Notifications are send to the registered mail id.

How will I know when my item is posted?

To check when your product was posted

1. You may go to "Manage Uploaded Products" section under "Sell".

2.Select the product.

3.You will see the date on which the product was posted under "specification"

How do I check my quotations to RFQs?

1.Login to your account.

2.Click on sign in icon in top right corner.

3.Choose submit RFQs.

Where I can see my connections?

You can see your connections in your contacts.

where is chat now?

You can leave a message by clicking on the tab in bottom right corner.

when the product get approved?

After you post your product, it will be audited within 24 hours. If it is approved, it will be listed in  in 24 hours. If it is not approved, we will send you a system to inform you this and you can modify/delete the product according to our system email.

When the account will expire? has got a lifetime free subscription therefore the account will not expire. 

Which document can I send as attachment to get instant quotes ?

Only PDF files allowed

what currency the fees are quoted in?

Such decisions are made between the buyer and supplier.

Which currency settlement rate will be applied for USD?

1) Foreign currency received between 15:00:01 (included) of the previous day and 10:00:00 (included) of the current day will be settled according to the effective exchange rate at 10:30:00 of the current day. 
2) Foreign currency received between 10:00:01 (included) of the current day and 15:00:00 (included) of the current day will be settled according to the effective exchange rate at 15:30:00 of the current day. 

How to launch my business in Akaid?

To start your business with Akaid you need to create a profile describing who you are and what you are......Your profile should include all the mandatory details required by Akaid.Once your account is ready,You are good to go.......

How do I manage miscategorized Products?

1.Sign in to your account.

2.From SELL>>Manage uploaded Products>>Edit(The product you want to)>>Select appropriate category.

How to confirm order on Akaid?

To confirm your order you can contact the Supplier.

How many products should I post?

Any number of products can be posted.

How to chat with supplier?

1.Sign in to your account.

2.From Menu Box you can find "Message Center" OR you can directly choose Message center from My profile icon.

3.From Message center you can start sending messages.

How to upload detailed video?

1.Sign in to your account.

2.From Menu box>>SELL>>Manage Uploaded Products>>Edit(Symbol)>>Add Video.

How to find Buying Requests?

1.From search bar change "Products" to "Buying request".

2.Then you can search for Buying Requests.

How do I modify products?

1.Sign in to your account.

2.From Menu box select "SELL".

3.From SELL select "Manage Uploaded Products".

4.Choose the particular product you want to edit.........There you go.

how do I get a supplier email address

1. Choose  the "seller" option from the search bar.

2. you get the seller details from there.


search for the desired product and click on the "company profile" to find the email address.

How to find sellers

Select the "Seller" option from the search bar. 

How to sell ?

1. Sign in to your account

2. Click on "sell on akaid" on the top on the right side.

3. Add your product and sell it.

How to buy?

Search for the products you want with product keyword on and find the product.Meanwhile, you can also post a request to find supplier. The matched supplier may send you quotation directly. This is quite a good way for you to find out the specific products you want on

If you have found what you want, please contact the supplier directly for your inquiry,such as price, quantity, shipping time, whether your supplier agrees to offer sample, who pays custom fees, etc. All products listed on belongs to our supplier members.

How to check the status of my refund?

Contact the supplier.

How do I return products to the supplier?

if you need to return the products, the return fee will depends on the negotiation of both buyers and sellers.

How can I review quotations I have received?

1. Sign in to you account.

2. Select the sell option from the menu bar.

3. Click on enquiries to review your quotations.

How do I request a sample for a quotation?

You may check with the supplier directly or place a sample order.

How to check the shipping status of my order ?

If you want to know information about your shipment, please contact the supplier

How do I modify my Company Profile?

1. Sign in to your account

2. Click on "my profile" from Sign in icon

3. Edit your "Company Info"

How can I upload my photo in My Akaid?

1. Select "my profile" from "profile icon".

2 .Edit your personal info

3. upload your photo.

How do I add a product to a folder in My Favorites?

1. Go to My Profile

2.Click on "Buy" on  the menu box
3. Choose the "My favourite products" option and add you favourite products to the list.

How do I find out when the supplier will ship my order?

Please contact your supplier directly for  shipping information 

How can I sign in if I forgot both email and password?

1. Click on Forgot Password

2. A dialogue box with a field to enter Email-id appears.

3. Enter your email id and a corresponding email goes to this id using which you can reset your password.

How do I sign in?

1. Click on the "Sign in" button on the topmost right corner of the website.

2. A dialogue box appears using which you can sign in by entering the required fields.

How to set product keywords?

Please enter keywords that are similar to the product’s name (e.g. a synonym) or words that you think buyers might use to search for your product-e.g."road bike"

how to get invoice?

Please understand the invoice is offered by the  corresponding seller. To get the invoice, please contact the seller directly.You may find seller's contact information in your order list

How can I sell?

1. Sign in using username and password.

2. Click on "Sell on akaid" on the topmost right corner of the website.

how do I put product picture in my account

1.Sign in to your account 

2.Choose "My profile" from sign in icon.

3.Select "sell" from menu bar

4.Click on manage uploaded products.

5.Choose the product in which you need to add pictures.

6.Select "Upload image".

How do I add attachments to my messages?

1.Sign in to your account.

2.Choose "Message center"  from sign in icon.

3.Click the attachment button.

How do I check my sent messages?

1.Sign in to your account.

2.Choose "Message center"  from sign in icon.

how do I receive products

Please note is a business-to-business (B2B) website for global companies to exchange business information, instead of a trading company or a manufacturer. All products listed belongs to our supplier members. If you want to check the shipping info, such as shipping cost, shipping time, whether your supplier could send to your station, etc, we kindly recommend you to contact the supplier directly for more information. 

How do I delete or modify my Company Profile?

1.Sign in to your account.

2.Choose "My Profile" from users sign in icon.

3.Click on the edit button next to personal info.

4.Delete or modify the company profile.

How do I access My Favorites?

1.Sign in to your account.

2.Choose "My Profile" from users sign in icon.

3.Choose "Buy" from menu bar 

4.Choose "My favorite products" from menu bar 

How do I change my password?

1.Sign in to your account.

2.Choose "My Profile" from sign in icon.

3.Choose "Account Settings" from menu bar.

4.Change password.

How can I delete my emails?

1.Sign in to your account.

2.Choose "My Profile"  from sign in icon.

3.Click edit button next to personal info.

4.Delete mail id.

How do I find my orders

1.Sign in to your account.

2.Select "Sell" on the menu bar 

3. Choose "enquiries"

How do i change my country?

1.Sign in to your account.

2.Choose "My Profile" from users sign in icon.

3.Click on the edit button next to personal info.

4.Change company location.


How do I delete a product?

1.Sign in to your account 

2.Click on manage uploaded products.

3.Click on delete button of the required product.

how delete enquires?

If you want to delete a message, can click on the Delete button at the top of the Inquiry Detail page.

how to pay?

You can contact the supplier directly.You should pay according to their advised method.


How to search?

 Enter product names or keywords in the search bar. The search function is intuitive and will recommend products, suppliers or quotes based on your input.

How to contact buyers?

1. Select sourcing solution  in top right of the page.

2. Click " Post request(s)" to send your quotation to the buyer:

3. If the buyer is interested in your quotation, he/she will reply to you or contact you accordingly and you can check buyer's response in your message center.


How does the payment process work?

Since does not stand between the buyer and seller. Payement process should be discussed directly between the buyer and seller.