Ultrasonic High Pressure Homogenizer

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Product Description


1)    2.2KW High power motors, ensure stable work under high pressure.

2)    Digital pressure display.

3)    Special feeding valve design, no need exhausting, feed directly.

4)    Three-phase electric drive.

5)    It applies to Escherichia coli, yeast, algae, and animal cells etc that are broken.

6)    Special design of efficient cells broken special valve set.

7)    It applies in preparation for fat emulsions, emulsion, liposome, fruit juice, beverage, etc

8)    Equipped with the temperature controller inside the machine, effectively control the sample temperature, ensure

             material activity, suitable for Small volume production.

9)    Equipped with a cooling water device outside the machine, effectively control outlet temperature.

10)  All material pipes are 316 L material.

11)Optional suitable for high viscosity materials pressure feeding device.

12)Digital pressure gauge, directly to measure working cavity pressure.

13)For online cleaning and sterilizing.


Main Technical Parameters


Product parameters
1)The maximum working pressure 1800bar / 180Mpa / 26100psi pressure adjustable
2)The maximum design pressure is 2070bar / 207Mpa / 30015psi
3)Maximum processing capacity 15 L / H (250ml / min)
4)The maximum processing capacity of 15ml
5)Material residue 0ml (no residue)
6)Motor power 3.0Kw / 380V / 50Hz
7)Overall dimensions L1070 * W340 * H460
8)Weight <60KG
9)Maximum feed particles & lt; 100 microns
10)Flow control Inverter control, adjustable flow and flow adjustable
11)Pressure, temperature sensors using the German brand pressure sensor optional thermostat bath
    Built-in cooler configuration cooler, does not consume materials, control homogeneous temperature
12) No need to exhaust exhaust
13)PLC touch screen
14)Using PLC control and 7-inch touch screen operation
15)Historical data storage, query
16)With temperature alarm and automatic protection
17) System high pressure and operating temperature are one digital
18)Real-time pressure and temperature curve display
19)Has the operation permission limit function

20)Electric control drive part of Japan's Matsushita servo motor
21)  Condensate water connection plate with condensate access disk


Spares and tools:

                 1) one set of special tools

                 2) One standard spares package

                 3) Operation manual and service book

Name : Ultrasonic High Pressure Homogenizer
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Category : Machinery, Industrial Parts & Tools
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Posted on : 23-06-2018
Price :  $400.00 -  $500.00
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Supplier Ability (Per Month) : 5000 Piece(s)
Min. Order Quantity : 10 Piece(s)
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Supplier Information
Company Name : Ningbo Scientz Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Supplier Name : Summer
Address : No. 65, Mujin Road, Ningbo Technology Industrial Park, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Country : China
State : Zhejiang
City : Ningbo
Contact no : +86 57488350013
Email : info@scientz.com
Supplier Website : www.scientz.com
Verified Supplier : Verified

Company Description

Scientz is the largest manufacturer of Ultrasonic Production Base in China. As a world leader in the manufacture and design of Bioequipment it provides you with Professional solutions for sample pretreatment for the domestic and overseas scientific, industrial and Medical markets.

NingBo Scientz Biotechnology Co.,Ltd was founded in 1989, is a National High-tech Enterprise specialized in producing Ultrasonic apparatuses and scientific Instruments that serve the needs of industry, agriculture, environmental protection, educational institutions, hospitals, research institutes and the pharmaceutical industry.

Scientz holds multiple patents for the High-pressure Gene Gun. The gene gun ranks first in Asia. The quality and features competes with those manufactured by US companies. Products such as the Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, Gene Transferring Device, Cell Fusion Apparatus, Spray Sterilizer for Medical Use, Ultrasonic Cleaning Production Line Centrifuge, etc, have all passed quality assurance inspection by the National Quality Assurance Agency and receive positive feedbacks from customers. The National Development & Reform Commission has appointed Scientz to be a Manufacturing Base of Life-scientific instruments. The instruments manufactured under the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, ISO 13485 2003 Medical Devices QMS, We also have CE Certificates and Production Permits of Medical Instruments as well as Medical Instrument Registration Certificates for many products. The Scientz Product are exported to 36 countries including France, U.K, Russia, Malaysia, Korea, Cuba and Japan, etc. Scientz owns more than 50 national patents, many of which are original Patent for inventions.

We also become a gene gun production centre. Customers of Scientz include Peking University, Tsinghua University, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, The International Medicine Research Institute, CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Under National and Provincial Health Department, center for inspection and quarantine, PLA Navy General Hospital, The renowned 262 and 304 army hospitals, the well-known Shanghai-based RuiJin Hospital, etc. Scientz also provides equipment and assembly lines for such industries as pharmacy, nano, optics and auto-parts.

Scientz has been chosen many times as one of the Top Ten Well-known Brands of Life Science Instruments and has undertaken many high-tech projects commended by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the National Development and Reform Commission under the State Council. One of the projects which was assigned to Scientz by the Ministry of Public Health is already underway. The company has been armed with perfect facilities and excellent means of development. Many researchers and senior engineers are devoted to the work using an advanced assembly line. Scientz has set up offices & sales-and-service centers in the provincial cities throughout the Whole country and has received many favourable comments and reputations from its customers.

Scientz had set up offices or service centers in 29 cities in China. Scientz looks to the quality of every part, every procedure, every production line and the comprehensive services after sales.

Every time when the society needs financial support, whether during the outbreak of SARS or 5.12 earthquake, Scientz, one of the initiators of Ningbo Charity Federation always takes its responsibilities and make handsome donations at the first time. Zhoufang, Chairman of the Board, is honored to be a Charity Star of Ningbo.

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