Dried organic Goji chinese Barbary Wolfberry Fruit from Ningxia for tonic and tea

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Product Description

Chinese name Gou qi zi
Part use Fruits
Color red
Other English names lycii fructus
The herbs source Lycium barbarum L
Dried/Fresh Dried well
Sliced/whole Whole 
Main funtions Nourishing liver and kidney, lifting Yang,brighten eyes
Herb property Sweet,mild
Meridians acting on  Liver and kidney
Dosage 6-12g
Store cool and dry ,ventile places
Standard CP2010
Taboo N/A

Name : Dried organic Goji chinese Barbary Wolfberry Fruit from Ningxia for tonic and tea
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Category : Health & Beauty
Sub-category : Health & MedicalĀ 
Sub Sub-category : Prepared Drugs In Pieces
Posted on : 09-07-2018
Price :  $0.50 -  $2.00
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Supplier Ability (Per Month) : 50 Tons(s)
Min. Order Quantity : 1 Tons(s)
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Supplier Information
Company Name : Bozhou Swanf Commerce And Trade Co., Ltd.
Supplier Name : Winston
Address : Qiaocheng District, Bozhou city 236800, Anhui province, China.
Country : China
State : Anhui
City : Bozhou
Contact no : +86 18709895890
Email : w.tang@naturalproduct.cn
Supplier Website : www.naturalproduct.cn
Verified Supplier : Verified

Company Description

Swanf natural product co.,ltd is a exporter of raw herbs,traditional chinese medicine,initial processed herb,patented medicine,plant extracts,flower tea,herbal tea,animal extracts,natural health supplements.With the GMP,GAP,HALAL,KOSHER,FDA,ORGANIC Certified we provided the best herbs and its related products to the whole world.

We located in the Bozhou city, the largest herb medicine market in the world,almost every kinds of chinese herb could be found here.Also,Bozhou take this glorious status for one thousand years as the herb center in history.

Our team formed by young people,they are active,innotive and brave to try,we may faild but never lose our confidence,deeply knowing that premium quality product is the backbone of the company,and customers needs is our sustainable develpment base,hence we always take our customers interests in priority position.

We firmly believed that we can do well in this field and thank you so much for our esteemed clients' support !

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