6SE7021-3EB84-1HF3 With module and a bridge / Drive power 5.5 kw

Price:  $438.00 -  $458.00 /Piece

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Supplier: Marketing

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Product Description

Place of Origin:Germany

Brand Name:inverter accessories

Model Number:6SE7021-3EB84-1HF3

Name : 6SE7021-3EB84-1HF3 With module and a bridge / Drive power 5.5 kw
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Category : Electrical Equipment, Components & Telecoms
Sub-category : Electrical Equipment & Supplies 
Sub Sub-category : Electronics Stocks
Posted on : 10-07-2018
Price :  $438.00 -  $458.00
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Supplier Ability (Per Month) : 100 Piece(s)
Min. Order Quantity : 1 Piece(s)
Estimated Delivery Time : 30 Day(s)
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Supplier Information
Company Name : Shenzhen CTW Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
Supplier Name : Marketing
Address : Enhanced Production Technologies 402 Tradesmens Park Drive Hutto, TX 78634
Country : United States
State : Texas
City : Hutto
Contact no : +1 5127592009
Email : info@eptek.com
Supplier Website : www.eptek.com
Verified Supplier : Verified

Company Description

Enhanced Production Technologies is a complete solution provider for the electromechanical equipment market. Our services include design, software development, product development and manufacturing of electromechanical devices. In addition our field service team can install and support a variety of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

We are making use of our experience as a global service company not only to maintain our core semiconductor business but expand into new ventures such as green technology and medical devices. While earning high recognition for our ability to custom design and manufacture enhanced products, our services will continue to aid customers in successfully meeting the demands of today’s competitive marketplace.

Electronic Design, Software Design, Mechanical Design & Manufacturing Solutions
Enhanced Production Technologies has built a strong reputation of success with a worldwide customer base that includes some of the most successful companies in the semiconductor and equipment manufacturing industries. Our global outreach with partners around the world enables us to quickly gain access to unique and often hard to find equipment and components.

As a company we have nearly 20 years of experience in building customer partnerships that are strengthened by our solid work ethic and business practices. Our philosophy is to excel in services that we provide and in addition train end users and maintenance personnel to be as self-sufficient as they deem necessary to reduce their dependence on outside support.

Enhanced Production Technologies, Inc. is your choice for value-added customer-oriented electronic designs, software designs, mechanical designs and manufacturing solutions.

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