First quality ir64 white rice export quality

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RICE Rice is the seed of the grass species Oryza sativa (Asian rice) or Oryza glaberrima (African rice). As a cereal grain, it is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world's human population, especially in Asia. It is the agricultural commodity with the third-highest worldwide production (rice, 741.5 million ... Rice production in India is an important part of the national economy[1] Dry productive Paddy Fields in South India India is one of the world's largest producers of rice and brown rice, accounting for 20% of all world rice production. Rice is India's pre-eminent crop, and is the staple food of the people of the eastern and southern parts of the country.[1] Production increased from 53.6 million tons in FY 1980 to 74.6 million tons in year 1990, a 39 percent increase over the decade. By year 1992, rice production had reached 181.9 kg, second in the world only to China with its 182 kg.[1] Since 1950 the increase has been more than 350 percent. Most of this increase was the result of an increase in yields; the number of hectares increased only 0 percent during this period. Yields increased from 1,336 kilograms per hectare in FY 1980 to 1,751 kilograms per hectare in FY 1990. The per-hectare yield increased more than 262 percent between 1950 and 1992.[1] The country's rice production had declined to 89.14 million tonnes in 2009-10 crop year (July–June) from record 99.18 million tonnes in the previous year due to severe drought that affected almost half of the country. India could achieve a record rice production of 100 million tonnes in 2010-11 crop year on the back of better monsoon this year. The India's rice production reached to a record high of 104.32 million tonnes in 2011-2012 crop year (July–June). no rice no life so play freerice Rice is one of the chief grains of India. Moreover, this country has the largest area under rice cultivation, as it is one of the principal food crops. It is in fact the dominant crop of the country. India is one of the leading producers of this crop. Rice is the basic food crop and being a tropical plant, it flourishes comfortably in hot and humid climate. Rice is mainly grown in rain fed areas that receive heavy annual rainfall. That is why it is fundamentally a kharif crop in India. It demands temperature of around 25 degree Celsius and above and rainfall of more than 100 cm. Rice is also grown through irrigation in those areas that receives comparatively less rainfall. Rice is the staple food of eastern and southern parts of India. In 2009-10, total rice production in India amounted to 89.13 million tonnes, which was much less than production of previous year, 99.18 million tonnes. Rice can be cultivated by different methods based on the type of region. But in India, the traditional methods are still in use for harvesting rice. The fields are initially ploughed and then fertiliser is applied which typically consists of cow dung and then the field is smoothed. The seeds are transplanted by hand and then through proper irrigation, the seeds are cultivated. Rice grows on a variety of soils like silts, loams and gravels. It can also tolerate alkaline as well as acid soils. However, clayey loam is well suited to the raising of this crop. Actually the clayey soil can be easily converted into mud in which rice seedlings can be transplanted easily. Proper care has to be taken as this crop thrives if the soil remains wet and is under water during its growing years. Rice fields should be level and should have low mud walls for retaining water. In the plain areas, excess rainwater is allowed to inundate the rice fields and flow slowly. Rice raised in the well watered lowland areas is known as lowland or wet rice. In the hilly areas, slopes are cut into terraces for the cultivation of rice. Thus, the rice grown in the hilly areas is known as dry or upland rice. Interestingly, per hectare yield of upland rice is comparatively less than that of the wet rice.

Name : First quality ir64 white rice export quality
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Posted on : 19-05-2018
Price :  $340.00 -  $445.00
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Company Name : SAI RAM EXPORTS
Supplier Name : Mr. srinivas
Address : Mr. Srinivas Narayanappa 24, Chowdeshwari, Nilaya, Kaverinagar, Kathriguppa, Bsk III Stage, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560085
Country : India
State : Karnataka
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Sai Ram Exports is a Karnataka, India based exporter and supplier. The company has been appreciated by its clients for making available the finest quality products at the most competitive prices.

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We make available great infrastructural facilities to our professionals so as to keep the operations smooth and quality tested. The supply chain is highly productive and flexible to meet the changing needs of our diverse clients from time to time.

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Having associations with the most trusted and talented professionals, we offer best-in-class products as per the specific requirements of the clients. The team members are given regular trainings so as to keep a check on the changing quality standards and incorporate the same while packaging and transporting.

Quality Policy :
We strictly adhere to the set quality standards so as to offer the best to the clients. We assure that our products are in high demand because of their quality. Moreover, we keep on upgrading the quality standards to meet the changing requirements of the clients.

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