CLY-CG200 bitumen carbide alloy scarifier for sale

Price:  $950.00 -  $1050.00 /Sets

1 Sets(s) (Min.Order)

Supplier: Mr. Terry

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Product Description






Honda GX270 petrol 9 hp

Honda GX390 petrol 13 hp

Honda petrol 25 hp

Working width

8”/200 mm

10”/250 mm

11”/280 mm

Working depth

0.2/3-5 mm

0.4/5-10 mm

0.6"/5-15 mm

Shaft QTY

6 pieces

6 pieces

6 pieces

Cutter QTY

90 pieces

90 pieces

110 pieces

Working rate

30~50 m2/h

25-50 m2/h

40-70 m2/h

Net weight

105 kg

178 kg

306 kg


820*490*810 mm

990*550*980 mm

1380*720*1010 mm

Power drive




Drum Rotation

Clock wise cut down

Clock wise cut down

Clock wise cut down

Milling mode

Downward cut

Downward cut

Downward cut

Depth Control




Opitional power

Siemens motor 4 kW: 116 kg

CC. 178F diesel engine 7 hp: 119 kg

Siemens motor 7.5 kW: 201 kg
CC. 186F diesel engine 10 hp: 119 kg

Kohler petrol 25 hp: 306 kg

Siemens 11 kw: 339 kg

Name : CLY-CG200 bitumen carbide alloy scarifier for sale
is Featured? : No
Category : Metallurgy,Chemicals,Rubber & Plastics
Sub-category : Energy 
Sub Sub-category : Bitumen
Posted on : 27-07-2018
Price :  $950.00 -  $1050.00
Is FOB Price ? : Yes
Supplier Ability (Per Month) : 30 Sets(s)
Min. Order Quantity : 1 Sets(s)
Estimated Delivery Time : 30 Day(s)
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Supplier Information
Company Name : Guangdong ESUN Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
Supplier Name : Mr. Terry
Address : No. 36, Cuicheng Road, Cuiheng New District, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Country : China
State : Guangdong
City : Zhongshan
Contact no : +86 13924989208
Email :
Supplier Website :
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Company Description

Established in 1999, Guangdong ESUN Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (was Guangdong CIMLINEYA Technology Industry Co., Ltd. ) is a leading manufacturer in China, specialized in the design and production of road maintenance related equipment and materials. Over the last 10 years of hard working and cooperation with three top research institutions in China, ESUN has developed an extensive and complete line of road maintenance machinery, road maintenance material and road cunstruction machinery such as asphalt distributor; synchronous chip sealer; road maintenance truck; mobile asphalt mixing plant; crack sealing machine, crack router, sealant, hot air lance, concrete cutter; infrared asphalt heater: portable series, trailer series and multi-function series; asphalt hotbox reclaimer with heater: trailer series and truck mounted series; pothole patcher; LED variable message sign and direction board; colored anti-skid pavement; bridge joint; asphalt reclaimer; asphalt recycler; asphalt pothole repair equipment; asphalt recycling equipment; and has been granted 28 patents.

In September 2011, ESUN acquired Hangzhou CMCISM Machine Making Co., Ltd, which was a 30-year-old state-owned manufacturer in road construction industry, with its innovative asphalt distributors sold around the world. The acquisition surely adds to ESUN's manufacturing capacities and product line.

As an ISO certified company, we have a sophisticated quality control system, and have obtained CE certification for most of our products. With our dedicated engineering and production team, we are confidently empowered to deliver road preventative maintenance machines and materials at unparalleled pricing with quality instilled in every phase of production.

Contact Supplier: Mr. Terry

To: Guangdong ESUN Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

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