3.0GHz 4Mb Intel Pentium D 925 PN309 0PN309 CN-0PN309 For Dell CPU 2x2m Intel Xeon Processor Sl9ka

Price:  $45.00 -  $50.00 /Piece

1 Piece(s) (Min.Order)

Supplier: Ms. Felisha

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Product Description

Part Number:PN309
L2 Cache:4Mb
Master Frequency:3.0GHz
Front Side Bus / QuickPath :800MHz
Type:Intel Pentium D 925
Fits Models:For Dell 

Name : 3.0GHz 4Mb Intel Pentium D 925 PN309 0PN309 CN-0PN309 For Dell CPU 2x2m Intel Xeon Processor Sl9ka
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Category : Electronics
Sub-category : Computer Hardware & Software 
Sub Sub-category : Processors
Posted on : 01-08-2018
Price :  $45.00 -  $50.00
Is FOB Price ? : Yes
Supplier Ability (Per Month) : 500 Piece(s)
Min. Order Quantity : 1 Piece(s)
Estimated Delivery Time : 10 Day(s)
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Supplier Information
Company Name : Shenzhen FKA Electoronic Limited
Supplier Name : Ms. Felisha
Address : Room 803-805, Yuanmeng Technology Building, Minle Industrial Park, Longhua District, Shenzhen 518000, China
Country : China
State : Guangdong
City : Shenzhen
Contact no : +86 75588377557
Email : felisha_jiang@fkatechnology.com
Supplier Website : www.fkaelectronic.com/
Verified Supplier : Verified

Company Description

FKA Electronic Limited is a professional parts trading and service provider, mainly focused on the computer parts, server and workstation components.

Founded in 2005, FKA Electronic is teamed up with some of the industry's most talented and experienced people who are committed to acting with integrity toward customers, vendors and each other. We work together and thrive every day to prove to everyone that high ethical standards and great financial success are not contradictory--that, in fact, they mutually support one another. FKA Electronic's owners and the entire organization are dedicated to build and sustain long-term partnerships with our customers by creating trust and confidence through our strong sourcing ability, strict quality control and amicable customer service.

Integritied service, unsurpassed quality, innovation and commitment to continuous improvement are what you get with FKA Electronics, from our first conversation with you to the immediate delivery of high value solutions that meet your specific needs.

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