Stamped and Forged F Clamp For Cargo Bar

Price:  $4.50 -  $6.50 /Piece

1000 Piece(s) (Min.Order)

Supplier: JESSICA

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Product Description

1. Size: 120X30mm,125X30mm

2. Cargo bar length: 240-270cm

3. Material: high quality stamped/forged steel

4. Color: silver

5. Working load: 400KGS

6. Application: security and fixing

7. Sample: available!!

Name : Stamped and Forged F Clamp For Cargo Bar
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Category : Auto & Transportation
Sub-category : Transportation 
Sub Sub-category : Truck Accessories
Posted on : 20-08-2018
Price :  $4.50 -  $6.50
Is FOB Price ? : Yes
Supplier Ability (Per Month) : 100000 Piece(s)
Min. Order Quantity : 1000 Piece(s)
Estimated Delivery Time : 30 Day(s)
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Supplier Information
Supplier Name : JESSICA
Address : ROOM 1310-1311 ,WANJIN BUILDING, NO 892 , BAIZHANG EAST ROAD, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Country : China
State : Zhejiang
City : Ningbo
Contact no : +86 18658410311
Email :
Supplier Website :
Verified Supplier : Verified

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WinnerLifting is not just a supplier. It's your friend.

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We have over ten years of experience in dealing cargo control products, Lifting Slings and outdoor safety harnesses. Everyone here loves what they do, and their passion drives the performance.

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