42 Inch Infrared Whiteboard For Windows 10

Price:  $900.00 -  $1200.00 /Pieces

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Product Description

YCZX 42 inch infrared whiteboard for windows 10 is a perfect combination of windows touch screen monitor and infrared whiteboard. For a windows touch screen monitor, not only it should support windows operating system including Windows XP/7/8.1/10 and latest version, it should also have smooth navigation to ensure tasks efficiency. YCZX 42 inch Infrared whiteboard uses high-speed large capacity memory (RAM), from 4 to 16GB, to achieve high performance. Its large ROM can guarantee high-precision output and adequate storage. YCZX provide different options and solutions for customers according to the demands of them for different uses.

For this infrared whiteboard, it can achieve true 10-point touch and little affected by touch objects. While capacitive touch screen monitor only responds to human body current, interactive led screen could respond to most objects including fingers, pens and pointers. Interactive led screen use infrared light color infrared technology so it can achieve multi points touch simultaneously. It can support multi users write, draw and touch on the windows touch screen monitor at the same time.

The application of the 42 inch infrared whiteboard with interactive 10 points touch is used for home, smart TV, entertainment. 42 inch infrared whiteboard with high resolution but low price, interactive whiteboard price is value for money to most price conscious people.

YCZX is a specialized smart board manufacturer with 10 years manufacturing experience and various certificates such as RoHS, FCC, CE, CCC and BIS. YCZX produces smart touch board for education and conference using. The most important is we not only provide best touch screen monitor for windows 10 but we also provide effective solutions about infrared whiteboards for you.

Name : 42 Inch Infrared Whiteboard For Windows 10
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Posted on : 19-02-2019
Price :  $900.00 -  $1200.00
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Supplier Information
Company Name : Guangzhou Yichuang Electronic Co., Ltd
Supplier Name : Yichuang
Address : ADD: 6th/F,No. 6 bld,Phase II,Huachuang Animation Industry Park,Jinshan Village, Shiji Town,Panyu District , Guangzhou,China.
Country : China
State : Guangdong
City : GZ
Contact no : +86 18819231996
Email : contact@yichuangscreen.com
Supplier Website : www.yichuangscreen.com/
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Company Description

Guangzhou Yichuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. located 3rd / F, NO. C19 Building, Hua Chuang Animation Industry Park, JingShan Village, ShiJi Town, PanYu District , Guangzhou city. Specialized in doing 32 inch ~ 98 inch all in one PC touch screen, big touch screen pc for education, conference, home use. In the year 2013, We set up our own brand “YCZX”, which sells in the domestic China market. Now it's the top 1 touch screen board brand selling online. Covering 60% market selling quantity.

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