Bag Leather Carry Suitcase Luggage Travel Duffle Overnight Men Genuine Tote Gym Black S Brown Case Large Faux 21 Mens

Price:  $43.00 -  $60.00 /Bags

40 Bags(s) (Min.Order)

Supplier: Mr. Yashwant

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Product Description

Brand leathercraft-export Style- Handmade Goat Leather Vintage Genuine Leather Suitcase carry on bag Size 21 (long) x 13 (wide) x 9 (deep) inches (measurements approximate, see below) Color Brown (each bag has a unique color tone which may vary slightly from photo) Composition Genuine Full Grain Goat Leather, Naturally Distressed, Vintage Style, Strong, Lightweight, Durable, Supple Goatskin is a great all-around leather that, like deerskin, is softer, lighter, and more supple than cowhide. Also very durable, goatskin with it's pleasing pebble grain often looks even better and becomes increasingly supple after years of wear or use.

Name : Bag Leather Carry Suitcase Luggage Travel Duffle Overnight Men Genuine Tote Gym Black S Brown Case Large Faux 21 Mens
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Posted on : 21-05-2018
Price :  $43.00 -  $60.00
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Supplier Ability (Per Month) : 100 Bags(s)
Min. Order Quantity : 40 Bags(s)
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Supplier Name : Mr. Yashwant
Address : A-1/7,Dekora House,Krishna Nagar,Delhi-110051(INDIA)
Country : India
State : Delhi
City : New Delhi
Contact no : +91 9250835872
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Lowell Designer Craft, an innovative jewelry, fashion accessories,Handicraft company, continuously provides fashionable and high-quality products, such as fashion accessories, scarves, bags, Home Décor,& Handicrafts as well as professional and client-oriented services to its clients all through the world.

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We are based in Capital of India(Delhi) and are expanding our service to the rest of the world. If you are interested in learning more about our business, please contact us.

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