XBF-P0001 Gestation stall

Price:  $130.00 -  $220.00 /unit

10 unit(s) (Min.Order)

Supplier: Ms. Ella

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Product Description

This design is state-of-the-art in the world. The front and the top are tubes which is very easy to assembly and dis-assembly. Very easy to use. The trough is stainless steel,the life is long and easy to clean. Other types you can choose and customizing is available. Fully hot dip galvanized steel pipe, adopt carbon dioxide protection welding Customize as your command if order a big quantity Firm enough and smooth without burr Anti-corrosion, outstanding durability Space-saving, easy to manage Fast and easy to instal

Name : XBF-P0001 Gestation stall
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Category : Agriculture & Food
Sub-category : Agriculture 
Sub Sub-category : Animal Products
Posted on : 11-05-2018
Price :  $130.00 -  $220.00
Is FOB Price ? : Yes
Supplier Ability (Per Month) : 50 unit(s)
Min. Order Quantity : 10 unit(s)
Estimated Delivery Time : 20 Day(s)
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Supplier Information
Company Name : Qingdao Xinbaofeng Industrial Trade Co., Ltd.
Supplier Name : Ms. Ella
Address : Address: Aishan Industrial Park of Yanghe Town, Jiaozhou, Qingdao, Shandong Province. Tel:+86-18853265331
Country : China
State : Shandong
City : Qingdao
Contact no : +86 18853265331
Email : inbaofeng@sina.com
Supplier Website : www.inbaofeng.com
Verified Supplier : Verified

Company Description

We established in year 2007, our main products are pig stall (farrowing crates, gestation stall, nursery etc.), dairy equipment (free stall, headlock etc.), sheep yard and horse crates, dog crates and so on. Our equipment have export to America, Canada, Holland, Denmark and many countries, and most of them still keep business relations with us.

Contact Supplier: Ms. Ella

To: Qingdao Xinbaofeng Industrial Trade Co., Ltd.

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