Pork coocked stomach

Price:  $2.00 -  $6.00 /unit

30 unit(s) (Min.Order)

Supplier: Mr. Sergiy

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Product Description

Pork coocked/raf/defatted stomachs are available Cleaned and processed, cooked at 90C. There is a cut on the top of stomach 7-9 cm long. Weight of one item is about 500-550 grams.

Name : Pork coocked stomach
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Category : Agriculture & Food
Sub-category : Agriculture 
Sub Sub-category : Animal Products
Posted on : 11-05-2018
Price :  $2.00 -  $6.00
Is FOB Price ? : Yes
Supplier Ability (Per Month) : 90 unit(s)
Min. Order Quantity : 30 unit(s)
Estimated Delivery Time : 15 Day(s)
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Supplier Information
Supplier Name : Mr. Sergiy
Address : Vulytsya L?vivs?ka, 19, Chervonohrad, Lviv Oblast, 80100
Country : Ukraine
State : L'vivs'ka Oblast'
City : Lviv
Contact no : +380 673144515
Email : sales@eurocommerce.biz
Supplier Website : www.eurocommerce.biz
Verified Supplier : Verified

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